Feniva is a Capital Company was founded in 2004, and operates in the IT and Telecommunications Security sector through specialist consultancy activities in the areas of Image and Data Processing Security, Network Security and Systems Design.

“Graduated Company” in 2007 at the Turin Polytechnic’s Incubator – I3P -, presenting the design and implementation of a Network Security appliance, it has acquired over the years a high level of expertise at Multinationals, Enterprises and Public Administrations.

Thanks to our many years of experience, backed by our specialized skills, we support Private Companies, the Public Administration Sector (Municipalities, Police Forces, Universities and Bodies in general) in the verification and fine-tuning of all the operational and documentary procedures necessary to ensure compliance of video surveillance image processing processes, in terms of data privacy.

The certifications acquired over the years, and the vertical expertise in video surveillance systems support and guarantee for customers such as Companies or Bodies, the appropriate adequacy in all aspects related to data protection for privacy law and of humans rights law. 

Risk Analysis and Impact Assesment

Risk Analysis and Impact Assessment in the use of Video Surveillance Systems in Companies and Public Administration.


Training activities and specific courses on Data Processing and Risk Management.

Project Analysis

Systems Security Analysis and Integrated Systems Design in compliance with Data Privacy Regulations


Technical Documentary Drafting activities in support of Legal matters on the subject of Data Privacy.


Impact Assessments in high-risk data processing


Turin Corso Regio Parco 20 Bis 10153 Italy.